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Chadwick & Rocio

As told by Chadwick.

We call this:

New City ✔️

New Life ✔️

New House ✔️

We met on Upward in May of 2021 and married in November of 2021. She is a resident physician who had only been living in the US for one year. Rocio is from the Dominican Republic. I’m from Michigan, USA.

After our first date in early June <pictured above>, we knew we wanted to be together. I proposed in September (the Navy Pier centennial wheel pictures) and we did a courthouse wedding in November then I sold my house and moved to Chicago with her while she finished her residency program.

Both of her parents are pastors and were able to fly in from the Dominican Republic to witness and bless our wedding.

We used Upward for a couple of different reasons.

For myself, it was because I had recently gotten out of an unequally yoked relationship and knew I would only ever pursue a godly woman again.

For her, she had limited time to date, considering how busy residents are but was also looking for someone who seeks Jesus. We’re so blessed to have met. We feel that the timing was only something God could do. She was getting ready to delete the app after a couple of weeks of not even using it when she saw my message and responded.

I never would have thought I would sell my house and move to a big city for love, let alone be married to a Christian doctor. We are very happy to see what blessings God has for us going forward.



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