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5 Christian Dating Myths Singles Tell Themselves about Love and Dating

As a single Christian hoping, praying, and swiping to find love, you probably come across heaps of dating advice. But how do you distinguish good advice and truth from bad advice and lies? We’re here to help by sharing the top five Christian dating myths many singles believe and the truth about love and dating.

Christian Dating Myth #1: You Can Change Someone

Truth: People can change, but you can’t change someone. This Christian dating myth is particularly dangerous because believing it sets you up for disappointment. The truth is you cannot directly change someone's values or personality the way you may desire. So instead of dating someone you want to change, look for partners with similar values, beliefs, and goals.

Christian Dating Myth #2: You Need to Find Someone to Complete You

Truth: God is the only one who can complete you, not a romantic partner. It's true that companionship can lead to greater happiness and fulfillment, but real satisfaction is found when you are content with yourself first. So instead of looking outside yourself for completeness, focus on your relationship with God. Learn to love who He made you to be, regardless of whether there's another person by your side or not.

Christian Dating Myth #3: Nobody Will Respect Your Decision to Wait Until Marriage

Truth: The right person will respect your decision to wait until marriage to have sex. You don’t have to sacrifice your beliefs or settle for someone who doesn’t share them. While finding someone who understands and aligns with your beliefs and values may take longer, the wait is worth it.

Christian Dating Myth #4: Opposites Attract

Truth: Birds of a feather flock together. The idea that opposites attract may be a romantic notion, but it shouldn’t be applied to Christian dating. After all, if two people have fundamentally different beliefs, it can create discord in the relationship instead of creating greater harmony and understanding. Of course, you don’t need to find someone exactly like you in every way, but for a successful long-term relationship or marriage built on Christian values, it’s important to look for someone who shares similar core beliefs.

Christian Dating Myth #5: If It’s Meant to be, It Will Be

Truth: While God has a plan for your life, it’s up to you to live it out–and this goes for your Christian dating experience. Ultimately, every relationship requires intentionality from both parties, so it’s important to recognize that being proactive does not contradict God's will but is part of learning about His will for your life. Working alongside God in the midst of uncertainty to discover how you ought to pursue relationships with honesty and integrity enables you to trust the process while actively involving Him in your journey.



Mar 09, 2023

I love that. I want to join this


Feb 24, 2023

Actual very good tips. Appreciate hearing sound wisdom


Feb 16, 2023

Thanks for those wise advices, a couple of them really minister to me enough to change my perspective in my search….God Bless

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