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Elias & Candie

Another Upward Testimony:

Prior to downloading Upward, I had downloaded other online Christian dating apps and quickly uninstalled them because they weren't user-friendly. I went back and forth several times wrestling with what I wanted and what I was looking for. When I matched with Elias, the more we got to know each other the more and more I liked him. Being with him felt natural and did not feel any different than it did when we talked on the phone, he was just MUCH taller in person than I thought he'd be! 😜

Prior to COVID, I don't think I would have really considered online dating. I knew it was something that people did and that some couples have had great success in online dating, but I wouldn't have really considered getting a dating app had it not been for COVID and the push of my friends to put myself out there and try something new.



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