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How to Tell Your Christian Circle You’re Online Dating

Everyone has their own opinions and beliefs as to whether or not online dating is good for Christians. If you’ve decided to give online or app dating a try, there are a few things to do to prepare for the experience, especially as a Christian. From praying for discernment to keeping your relationship with God your top priority, you can ensure app dating works for you and not against you.

But even if you’ve prayed about it and feel good about your decision to use dating apps, there are most likely people in your close circle that are totally against the idea. Whether it’s your super-conservative parents or a best friend who just doesn’t want to see you get hurt again, some people may not want to hear you’ve decided to try swiping for love. If this is the case, here are 3 things you can do about it.

Tell Your Christian Circle You’re App Dating… Then Ask for Prayer

You’ve put your relationship in God’s hands, and you’re trusting that if your soulmate is on a dating app, you’ll find him or her. You’ve prayed about it, and now you can ask your Christian friends and family to do the same. Ask them to pray for you and your experience online dating as a Christian. By doing so, you show them you appreciate their care and concern for you. (It also subtly reminds them that God is in control, even on dating apps.)

Don’t Tell Your Christian Circle You’re App Dating… For Now

If you know your parents or a certain friend group is really against the idea of app dating as a Christian, don’t feel obligated to tell them right away. While it is a good idea to have at least one friend know of your swiping adventures (so if you go on a first date, someone knows who you’re with and where you are), you don’t have to announce your dating adventures to everyone.

If you do happen to meet your future husband or wife on a dating app, and someone asks how you meet, tell them! This will start to break down the stigma that Christians shouldn’t online date. (We believe God is everywhere… even on dating apps!)

Tell Your Christian Circle You’re App Dating…On Upward

Some Christians are against online dating because they don’t think it’s Biblical. Others are against it because they don’t think it works for Christians. And while it is true that it’s harder for Christians to find like-minded people to date via apps, now there’s Upward–the dating app for Christian singles. When you tell your friends and family you’ve chosen to use a Christian dating app, they may feel more comfortable with your decision. Knowing that the people on the app are looking for the same type of meaningful relationship as you makes the entire process more reliable and way more fun!



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