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Jaime & Adriana

We just knew...

Story submitted by Jamie

In November of 2021, I met Adriana on Upward after she liked my profile. Upon viewing her profile, I liked her back and we exchanged phone numbers the next day. Our first conversation lasted for about 2 hours and I was immediately drawn to her unique qualities. Two weeks later, we met in person and on that night, we talked until the restaurant closed. Over time, we continued to chat and get to know each other. During this period, I made sure to keep her in my prayers. In February of 2022, we officially began dating. Then in May, I proposed to her and in October, we got married in a small ceremony at church. This April, we plan to have a bigger wedding ceremony and reception with our loved ones to celebrate our union and give glory to God for bringing us together. Our advice for other couples is to prioritize seeking God first, honoring Him, and allowing Him to guide you in the right direction, including potentially connecting with someone through online dating platforms like Upward.



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