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Jasmine & James

Hey y’all, this is Jasmines speaking. I download it Upward off an ad on TikTok, I didn’t think anything of it or that it would work but a few hours after I downloaded it I got a couple hundred likes and a bunch of matches. There was one that specifically captured my eye, and his name was James. He had all the right things in his bio, and not to mention he wasn’t that hard on the eyes. So, being my bold self, I was obviously the first one who had to text. He texted me back shortly after and we started a conversation. We exchanged Snapchat and started our journey. 10 months later after trials and lots of love. We are married as of February 25th and enjoying our new lives together. If you are feeling discouraged or as if there is no one out there for you, be patient and look to Christ and he will provide.



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