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Jeremy & Sarah

A love story...

Story submitted by Sarah

Online dating was new territory. for both of us, but we both decided to give it a try around the same time. It's amazing how two people from different time zones and nearly 200 miles apart ended up matching! The short version of the story isbeing picky with her local options, while Jeremy didn't know how to adjust his location settings. Nevertheless, we hit it off quickly and exchanged numbers. Our first date was at World of Beers on Mass Ave in Indianapolis, where we chatted for hours about anything and everything. Sarah brought along two friends for safety reasons, and Jeremy stayed at a nearby hotel. The following day, we went out for brunch, played some duck pin bowling, and grabbed milkshakes. We both knew we wanted to make this long-distance relationship work, so we spent countless hours on FaceTime, having deep conversations and just enjoying each other's company. Jeremy visited Indianapolis again in November, and we had a fun weekend together, despite IU losing the football game. By the end of the trip, we made our relationship official. The next seven months were filled with more FaceTime and driving, as we talked about our faith, family, school, and other important topics. In June, Jeremy signed a lease for an apartment in Carmel, just 12 minutes away from Sarah. On July 5, he graduated from grad school, and the very next day, he moved to the Indy area. We were thrilled to finally be living in the same city! Finally, on December 3, 2022, Jeremy proposed to Sarah at White River State Park in the heart of Indy, where we both knew we wanted to start our lives together.



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