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Jonus & Ebonee

Gold Coast to West Coast

Story submitted by Ebonee

Jonas and I met while I was visiting family in LA (living in MD at the time) during the early days of the pandemic. We met in person shortly after meeting on the app. By then, it wasn’t safe to travel so I hunkered down and decided to stay in LA until things felt a bit safer. After some months of California living, I went back home to MD. Jonas and I kept in regular contact, even as I transitioned from MD to TX. I’d come to LA regularly to visit family and would take those opportunities to spend time with him. We took things slowly and cultivated a friendship that grew. He was close to my family and friends and we bonded over time. Eventually, we realized the Lord was doing something in us and we needed to decide how to move forward in our relationship. We courted long-distance for over a year. Then, once we were engaged I moved back to LA where he is. Right now, I’m living in my family home as we prepare for our wedding in less than 3 months! It’s been a beautiful journey filled with prayer, pastoral counseling, and a lot of love! I’m marrying my best friend. To God be the glory! And may He be pleased with our lives together!



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