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Katelyn & Nathan

As told by Katelyn:

So, I was trying to retrieve our first messages on Upward but as I remember I think when we were first talking we made a “pact” that we would delete our accounts cause we like each other so much!

We met in March of 2021 on Upward! & both of us weren’t very up for online dating. But then we both found the app Upward & decided to try it out.

I was VERY picky on who I wanted to potentially talk to so I skipped a lot of people. Then I came across my husband (not my husband at the time) LOL Nate, and he seemed too good to be true! I almost didn’t swipe yes on him! But, I trusted my gut & I did!

He waited 3 days to ask for my number! After that was history! He lived 3 hours away from me so we FaceTimed & talked on the phone for a couple of weeks before meeting in person! He drove all the way to me to meet me!

I knew from our very first date I was going to marry him. I texted all of my friends right after & told them I was going to marry him one day!

On May 13th, 2022, I married my best friend I met while being spontaneous! I thank God every single day! God does things in ways we don’t expect for sure!!



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