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Kristina & Carson

Make Him do a little chasing, as told by Kristina.

I had tried other dating apps before, but the amount of Christian men was slim to none. I was a little apprehensive about meeting someone on a dating app but I was very open to it. I was only on the app a total of three days before I deleted it because I felt like my standards were too high and I would never find what I was looking for. But Upward made it so easy. Using the app showed me that there are actually a lot of men out there that are genuinely looking for a real relationship. Carson found me on Upward and messaged me, but I didn’t see it. After a few days, Carson messaged me on Instagram to tell me who he was and how he had seen me on Upward. Being a girl, I waited a few days to respond (make him do some chasing lol). We planned to meet up for a coffee date. He ended up driving two hours to meet up with me. He came with me to take some pictures of horses for a local ranch and also joined me at a coffee shop to go through and edit them. We just ended up talking for three hours and I got no editing done at all. We shared our testimonies, our families, and just talked about life. I was very interested in him, but I wanted to test him. After the first time we hung out, we didn't see each other for almost a whole month even though we talked very often. He tried to plan things, but I made myself busy. But he persisted (green flag). So eventually, we hung out a few more times, met each other's families, and spent the holidays together. And we have been growing so much as a couple and as individuals. Before I was on Upward, I was discouraged that I would never find someone in my area that could be everything I was looking for. But the Lord brought us together and its all thanks to YOU!

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