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Way maker, Miracle worker

Worship with Leeland at a Live-Streamed Concert

Leeland–a Christian rock band from Texas–has been writing and producing some of your favorite Christian songs since 2004. Now, nearly 17 years later, they are still one of the most popular bands in the faith sector, releasing popular hits like “Sound of Melodies,” “Better World,” and their version of “Way Maker.” And this year, you can watch them LIVE with Upward. On Thursday, September 9th, 2021 we are streaming a live concert at 7:00pm (CST) that you can watch from virtually anywhere.

Whether you’ve known and loved Leeland’s music for years or you just like the idea of a free concert, here are some reasons to join us.

Leeland (the person) Has Been Writing Songs for Years

Leeland is actually the first name of the band’s lead singer, Leeland Mooring. While the band has been together for a long time, Mooring has been writing songs and leading worship even longer. In fact, he co-wrote six songs on Michael W Smith’s 2006 album, Stand.

Leeland (the band) Has Been Nominated for Many Awards

As a group, Leeland has been recognized for its outstanding Christian music. As of now, they’ve been nominated for a GRAMMY® four times and for a GMA Dove Award® eight times! At the rate they keep producing amazing worship music, those numbers are only set to increase.

Leeland (the band members) Are Passionate About Sharing God’s Love Through Worship

One thing that makes the members of the band Leeland unique is their passion for worship. While they have received a lot of recognition, they aren’t in the music industry for fame. For Leeland, all glory goes to God. It is their desire to simply worship that makes their songs so powerful, even life-changing for some.

(Psst... This also makes a really great date idea, by the way!)


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