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Levi & Isabelle

I "super liked" him and just to be sure he saw my name...

As told by Isabelle...

Levi and I matched in April of 2021. He had the paid version and I had the free version. When his page popped up on my screen I "super liked" him and just to be sure he saw my name, I followed him on Instagram right away! From there, Levi liked me back and we began messaging back and forth. He was visiting California (where I live) from Idaho so we knew that it was going to be interesting to start a relationship from distance but continued to feel at peace and decided to approach it with low expectations.

Levi then began setting up Facetime dates like picnics (where we both would go to our favorite park and bring snacks) or dinner dates (where he would Doordash the same place that he was eating for dinner). We started switching off flying back and forth to see each other and were able to see each other every 2-3 weeks which was a huge blessing. After 6 months, Levi proposed, and then 4 1/2 months later, we got married! Since then, I've moved up to Idaho and we've started our life up here.

There have been so many "only God" moments and the simple fact of us matching on an dating app (which we were both pretty apprehensive towards) the one time he was visiting in California and close enough to show up on my page is incredible! We would have never known each other existed if it wasn't for Upward and I can't even imagine the thought of that now.

Dating apps tend to have a stigma but the reality is, that times are changing with technology and so is the way we date. Why would you not want to go into a relationship knowing you align on big topics before even seeing if you like the person? For us, it made it so clear and easy.

God uses all types of situations to bring people together and for us, he used Upward which is such a fun and unique part of our story now. Anyways, just wanted to say thank you for the work you all are doing there, and am encouraged by how many people have stepped into Godly relationships because of the Upward app.



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