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Matt & Amber

Find my best friend and love of my life...

Story submitted by Amber

Writing about it doesn't even do justice to our love story. Matt and I met online in September 2022, and now it's March 2023. I never thought I'd find love this quickly, but I did, and he's not only my best friend but also the love of my life. We're living together now, got engaged in February, and are expecting a beautiful baby due on August 29, 2023. We talked for hours on the phone, and it felt like we'd known each other for years! We arranged our first date, which was not a typical first date as I brought my siblings along. I know it was a little unconventional, but I thought it would be sink or swim. When we met in person and spent time together, we fell head over heels for each other and have been inseparable ever since. God has truly brought us together, and I am so grateful. He meets all the needs and wants that I'm looking for in a lifelong partner. Our families love each other and have been extremely supportive from the beginning. The best part of our love story is that we fell in love, share the same morals and beliefs, and want to live our lives in faith. We pray every morning and night, thanking God for bringing us together. It's a beautiful love story that we wanted to share.



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