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Maya & Derek

Got engaged after 4 months of dating! Story submitted by Maya.

On May 22, 2023, I decided to try my luck (again) with online dating. So on a whim I decided to download the Upward app (a "Christian" dating app) to give it a shot. I had zero expectations. In fact, I prepaid for 6 months to get the best deal since God knows how long I would have to keep swiping to find love. That Friday night, May 26th, I received a like from someone named "AAA". I read his profile and one of the first things it said was, "My name is Derek, can't seem to change it from AAA"- that made me laugh out loud. His profile was genuine, to the point, he and I shared the same morals, values and beliefs and he was cute. :) So I swiped right saying I liked him back too. Now with most online matches, nothing happens. But he was quick to message me the next afternoon and explain he wasn't 800 miles from me (since the app shares how far you are from each other), he was in fact in Alabama with his beautiful mom visiting his brother and family. His first questions to me were deep and insightful, asking what church I attend, how do I hope the world would remember me in years from now and what are 3 things friends would say to describe me. Sure beats "what's up?" or "what's your favorite food?". Already I could tell he was interested in me for me and was searching for something real and founded on Christ- which is both our foundations. We continued to message each other and shared our life stories and testimonies of the pain, hurt, and healing we each went through to mold us to the people we are today. Derek asked me out on a date for that following Tuesday, May 30th. My car died on me and I was back in my parents home in NJ. He showed up (ON TIME) with flowers for me and my mom, candy for my dad and homemade treats for Rocky. He was (and is) a perfect gentleman and met my parents, spoke with them, opened my car door. We talked more and more on our date at Wood Stack in Metuchen. We then went to monster golf and played a round where he showed me his skills and I showed him my lack of skills. Ended the date with ice cream and he drove me home. It was the perfect date and the start of something that only God Himself could orchestrate...a love founded on loving God first. Derek is my biggest gift apart from salvation and I'm so glad you're here to read this and hope you can attend one of the most important days in our lives. Our story just shows how good God really is!



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