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Mia & Alvin

I wanted a friend and he was bored..

I joined Upward in September 2021 because I wanted to make friends with like-minded males, all my female friends were already married and had or were having babies and they’re still my best friends. But I just wanted to be friends with some males with similar values as me. Alvin claims he was just bored and decided to try it out. We started talking, we met a month later, and we started dating officially 2.5 months later. I moved to Jacksonville for school about 5 months after we started dating and he was the biggest perk of moving. I always say it was a God thing because I wasn’t planning on going to school in Jax and then the program I decided to do was only offered at a couple of schools in Florida and one was UNF. It all just fell into place. God knew what we needed before we did. I always say I didn’t intend to even like him. Now we’re getting married in just over 3 months. We couldn’t be happier. I love him more than anything and thank God for him every day. We wouldn’t have ever met if it wasn’t for upward.



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