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7 Christian Dating App Mistakes to Avoid

Christian dating app mistakes to avoid

App dating is so popular these days and, fortunately, quite successful. Tons of couples are finding love — and their love stories are totally heartwarming and proof that swiping right can lead to real-life fairy tales. If you’re on dating apps looking for love, it’s possible! But you’ll want to avoid these seven Christian dating app mistakes. 

7 Christian Dating App Mistakes That’ll Keep You From Finding Love

From having the right intentions to being open-minded, there are ways to make your Christian dating app experience more enjoyable. Start by avoiding these mistakes!

1. Ignoring Your Profile Bio

  • Why It's a Mistake: Skipping the bio section is like going on a blind date, blindfolded. People want to know who they're potentially swiping right on.

  • How to Avoid: Fill out that bio! Share your interests, what you love about your faith, and what you’re looking for. It’s your chance to shine and attract someone genuinely interested in you. Here are our best tips for writing a slide-worthy bio!

2. Being Too Picky

  • Why It's a Mistake: Have a list longer than your arm for your ideal partner? You might be waiting a while. No one's perfect, not even in the Christian dating scene.

  • How to Avoid: Focus on core values and deal-breakers, but be open to surprises. God works in mysterious ways, after all!

3. Not Being Honest About Your Intentions

  • Why It's a Mistake: Leading someone on or not being clear about what you're looking for (be it marriage or friendship) can lead to confusion and hurt feelings. 

  • How to Avoid: Be upfront! Whether you're dating with intention to find your forever person or just someone to go on a few dates and have fun with, honesty is always the best policy.

4. Skipping Prayer

  • Why It's a Mistake: Jumping into dating without seeking guidance from above can lead you off your intended path. God’s plan for your life is perfect, so it only makes sense to include Him in your dating journey.

  • How to Avoid: Pray about everything! Ask for discernment and guidance in finding a partner who'll help you grow in your faith and as a person. Pray before each message you send, each date you go on, and everything that has to do with finding love.

5. Ignoring Red Flags

  • Why It's a Mistake: Brushing off concerns because you're too caught up in the excitement of a new match can lead to trouble down the road. Red flags are glaring for a reason! 

  • How to Avoid: Stay alert and trust your gut. If something feels off, it probably is. Remember, it's okay to walk away if a relationship doesn't align with your Christian dating values.

6. Focusing Too Much on the Physical

  • Why It's a Mistake: While physical attraction is important, it shouldn't be the be-all and end-all. After all, looks fade, but character lasts. 

  • How to Avoid: Look deeper. Don’t write someone off just because their profile pictures aren’t your usual type. Focus on finding someone whose faith and values match yours. That's the kind of attraction that really lasts.

7. Not Taking Safety Precautions

  • Why It's a Mistake: It's easy to get swept up in the excitement of dating and forget about personal safety when meeting someone new. 

  • How to Avoid: Always meet in public places for the first few times, tell a friend or family member about your plans, and listen to your instincts. You might also consider going on group dates until you really get to know the person. Safety first, always.

Remember, finding love through a Christian dating app can be a wonderful experience if you navigate it wisely. Keep these tips in mind, and you might just find the love story you’ve been praying for.



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