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What Does It Mean to Date with Intention?

Are you dating with intention? Perhaps you are but don’t realize it, or you want to start. Essentially, dating with intention means entering the dating scene with a clear purpose and goal in mind rather than just casually dating for fun or out of loneliness. For Christians, this often means dating with the end goal of finding a Godly spouse. Keep reading to explore what it means to date with intention, why it's important, and how you can do it successfully.

What Does It Mean to Date with Intention?

Dating with intention is all about being purposeful in your approach to finding a potential life partner. It means:

  • Knowing What You Want: You have a clear understanding of your standards, including the type of person you want to be with and the qualities they should possess.

  • Setting Boundaries: You establish physical, emotional, and spiritual boundaries to protect yourself and your relationship.

  • Being Honest: You are open and honest about your intentions from the start to ensure you’re on the same page (and to end the relationship if you’re not). 

  • Praying About Your Relationship: You include God in your relationship by praying about your decisions and seeking His guidance.

The Importance of Dating with Intention

Dating with intention is vital for Christian singles because it helps you avoid wasted time, prevent heartbreak, strengthen your faith, and, ultimately, experience fulfilling relationships. By knowing what you want, you avoid spending time on relationships that don't align with your desires. And being upfront about your intentions can prevent misunderstandings and heartbreak down the line. Additionally, when you include God in your relationship, it strengthens your faith and helps you make wise decisions. All of this can lead to more fulfilling, respectful, and long-lasting relationships.

4 Practical Tips for Dating with Intention

So, are you done playing the dating game and ready to date with intention? That's awesome! Here are four tips to get started:

  1. Pray Regularly: Praying regularly is an essential part of dating with intention. It's not just about asking God for a good partner but seeking wisdom, discernment, and guidance in your dating life. For instance, you might pray for clarity when deciding whether to enter or continue a relationship or for strength to maintain your standards. 

  2. Set Clear Expectations: Setting clear expectations at the start of a relationship can prevent misunderstandings down the line. For example, if you know you're dating with the intention of finding a spouse, communicate this to your potential partner early on. This way, you can ensure you’re on the same page and are looking for the same things.

  3. Establish Healthy Boundaries: Establishing healthy physical, emotional, and spiritual boundaries is critical in intentional dating. For example, deciding on the level of physical intimacy you're comfortable with before marriage and sticking to it or setting aside time for individual prayer and reflection.

  4. Seek Godly Counsel: Finally, don't hesitate to seek advice from trusted Christian mentors or friends. They can provide wisdom, perspective, and encouragement based on their own experiences and understanding of God's Word. For instance, if you're unsure about whether a relationship is right for you, a mentor or friend could provide insight and help you see the situation from a different angle. 

Remember, dating with intention is about being purposeful and clear about your dating goals. It's about knowing what you want, setting boundaries, being honest, and praying about your relationship. By doing so, you not only avoid wasted time and heartbreak but also strengthen your faith and lay the groundwork for a fulfilling relationship.


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This article gave me so much insight and knowledge about my intentions to date with transparency, integrity and accountability. I consider myself to be honest God following man of God and refuse to settle for anything less then my good thing after all Jesus promised that He would not withhold my good thing.


Nhlanhla Zwane
Nhlanhla Zwane
28 déc. 2023

I loved this article. I dated without intention since I started dating. Now in my current relationship I am experiencing some rejection. Now I feel in a rush to decide to engage. She refused say she see I am not ready. I am hurting.


20 déc. 2023

This article should be a mandatory requirement that is read before allowing the creation of an account. Many will say or send a message that says dating with intention. That is very broad. This article can be beneficial to all that don't realize they are demanding great communication, but they are not distributing what they are demanding and requiring.


Yes, I fully agree❗️datind is not just for fun but with a right inttention also👍🏼


Joseph Wheeler
Joseph Wheeler
18 déc. 2023

Love this. It's all about communication to me. If two people are in a serious relationship they should feel comfortable with theirselves and each other to be able to talk through their feelings and reach understanding. With God all things are possible 😁

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