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What Are Your Christian Dating Values?

What are your Christian dating values?

Ever found yourself in the dating pool, bobbing around, wondering how to navigate the waters of romance while keeping your faith in sight? You're not alone. It's so important to know and understand your Christian dating values. They can serve as your compass in this often confusing journey, guiding you in making decisions that align with your faith and personal beliefs.

What Are Christian Dating Values?

Christian dating values are the principles and standards that guide a Christian's approach to dating and relationships. They are based on biblical teachings and personal convictions about what a godly relationship should look like. Let's dive into some examples:

  • Purity: This value emphasizes the importance of maintaining sexual purity until marriage. It is a commitment to honor God with our bodies.

  • Honesty: Honesty is paramount in any relationship, but it takes on a deeper significance in Christian dating. It's about being truthful with yourself, God, and the other people, especially about your faith. 

  • Respect: This entails treating the people you date with kindness and dignity in everything you do — even ending things in a Christ-like way. 

  • Faithfulness: Just as we are called to be faithful to God, we are also called to be faithful to our partners. This means being reliable, trustworthy, and consistent.

  • Patience: In a world of instant gratification, patience is a virtue that stands out. In Christian dating, it's about trusting God's timing and not rushing into a relationship without His guidance.

  • Selflessness: This value is about putting the needs and interests of the people you date before your own. It's about loving as Christ loved us, sacrificially and unconditionally.

  • Forgiveness: Nobody is perfect. Forgiveness is a key value in Christian dating. It's about extending grace to your partner when they make mistakes, just as God extends grace to us.

  • Commitment: This value underlines the importance of dedication in a relationship. It's about sticking with your partner through thick and thin, just as God is committed to us. It encourages couples to work through challenges together, respecting the sanctity of the relationship.

How to Choose Your Christian Dating Values

Choosing your values for dating requires deep introspection and a clear understanding of your faith. Here are three steps to help you decide what’s most important to you. 

1. Reflect on Your Beliefs and Convictions

The first step to choosing what you value in dating is to reflect on your beliefs and convictions. What aspects of your faith do you hold dear? For example, if you believe strongly in the sanctity of marriage, then purity might be one of your core dating values. 

2. Consider the Biblical Teachings

The Bible offers wisdom on how to handle relationships, and it can be a great source of guidance when choosing your dating values. For instance, the Bible's teachings on love and respect between a husband and wife in Ephesians 5:25-33 could inform your approach to dating.

3. Seek God's Guidance

Prayer is a powerful tool when making decisions. Ask God to guide you in choosing your Christian dating values. What is most important to Him should be most important to you.

Commit to Your Values

Once you know your values, commit to them. And don’t be afraid to set boundaries that ensure they’re upheld throughout your dating journey. For example, if you’re waiting until marriage to have sex, communicate that early on so there are clear expectations. If you find yourself settling because you’re tired of dating, lean on your value of patience to trust God’s timing. Your Christian dating values are opportunities for growth and deeper faith while you date. 



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