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Travis & Michelle

A distant Love...

Story submitted by Michelle

I'm not quite sure where to start, but in October of 2022, I made the decision to try online dating. As a born again Christian, I had heard about Upward and was intrigued. The dating scene hadn't worked out for me, and most people in my church were already married, so I decided to give it a shot and trust in God's plan. Within a few hours of signing up, I received over 300 messages. While most of them were along the lines of "Hey cutie" or "Hey sexy," one message stood out: "Hey young lady." It made me laugh, and I clicked on it to read the rest of the message. It was from a man named Travis, who wished me a great day. Out of all the messages, his stood out to me, so I decided to message him back. From October 3rd until today, May 2nd, we haven't spent a day apart. Travis lives in Maine, and I'm in New Jersey, so I was initially worried about how a long-distance relationship would work out. However, with God's help, we made it work. I'm so in love with Travis and his amazing children. I had always prayed for a man who would lift me up, pray with me, and protect me, and I found all of that in Travis. Thank you, Upward, for bringing my soulmate into my life!



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