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Michael & Zurisaday

With a little bit of Upward & and a lot of Gods Grace

Zurisaday and I met on upward; at the time she wasn’t very active on it, but I was able to message her after reading her brief profile, this spilled into getting to know (and confirming) identities on other social media, and texting. I was living in St Louis at the time, she was in Arlington TX. After about 2 visits each to our respective cities, I transferred to Dallas in December 2021. We got engaged in October 2022 and married in September of 2023. It was a bit difficult long distance at first, but I was prior military and capable of long-distance relationships. I think it was good in a way because it prevented us from falling into temptation while also requiring effort, on both parts to be serious. Thanks to God and his design for marriage and relationship we were able to find love through Upward!



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